Untamed Tasmanian Wilderness NEW LABEL


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Same great scent, with a new label.

This unique Tasmanian scented soy wax candle has been so popular it now has its own special label.

This scent is truly soft and subtle that evokes a walk within the deep Tasmanian wilderness. Close your eyes and imagine the low hanging clouds and the native shrubs, the flowering leatherwoods, and slivers of light between the giant ancient towering eucalypt trees. With a soft thick blanket of moist leaf litter under foot and the sound of waterfalls roaring in the distance……

So if your like me your home with glass of red by the fire with one of my candles burning, dreaming of that wilderness walk

Our candles are made with new innovative wicks, that are completely natural, burn clean, and are so clever you dont even need to trim the ribbon wicks

Our large candle is double wicked BUT we have a sliver of wood encased in a cotton wick. This gives the ehanced benefits of a no fail burn and the sound of a log fire.

Untamed Tasmanian Wilderness Lose yourself in the subtle and warming scents of the untamed Tasmanian wilderness.                                   My favourite scent, its mystical and warm, sweet, with touches of heliotrope and jasmine, smells like bush walking through a Tasmanian forest when our Leatherwood is in flower, topped with Richmonds infamous Pink Pepperberries.

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