Ultimate Spa Blend Bath Soak


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This is the ultimate Spa Blend Bath Soak. 250g re usable glass jar.  This new and improved blend infuses a bath milk, salts and bubble bath in ONE. Use desired amount of bath soak in warm bath. Relax and enjoy. These salts have the incredible scent of rose or citrus or vanilla. This salt blend will fizz in the bath leaving the salt to diffuse and has an aroma to die for, the silky organic coconut milk dissolves leaving your skin soft and silky. A new added bonus is fluffy bubbles!

Rose Geranium Spa Blend Bath Salts- Australian pink clay, scent of rose geranium essential oil.

Citrus Spa Blend Bath Salts- These salts have an incredible blend of essential oils, including lemongrass, grapefruit, sweet orange and lime essential oils.

Vanilla- A blend of vanilla, clove and a touch of cinnamon.


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Rose, Citrus