Reed Diffuser


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Our Reed Diffusers are formulated with a blend of premium ingredients, for a long lasting fragrance diffuser that will gently release scent to fill your home.

Please Note:-

2 sizes to choose from

-250 ml diffuser bottle has 150-200 ml diffuser scented fluid. Ideal for the bathroom, ensuite, hallway, study.

-500 ml diffuser has 250 ml diffuser scented fluid. Ideal for lounge room, kitchen, bedroom.

Place reeds into amber bottle. To ensure good scent dispersion gently agitate fluid in bottle and flip reed sticks weekly.

Keep reeds dust free

Refills available in store

Our diffuser base is alcohol free and non flammable.


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Reed Diffuser

250ml bottle (150 ml diffuser scent), 500ml bottle (200ml diffuser scent)


Huon Pine, Wilderness, Pepperberry, Lavender