Whipped Body Scrub


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Richmond Botanicals Co.


This incredible sugar scrub exfoliates the skin, leaving your skin smooth and soft and smelling incredible. Use a small amount of scrub with water and massage skin until all the sugar dissolves, leaving a creamy lotion, rub in or wipe excess away, your left with polished and moisturised skin, also brilliant for legs feet. With essential oil this scrub smells incredible. 250g 

Lime Sherbet- A blend of lime essential oil and vanilla

Rose- Rose geranium essential oil

Vanilla- A rich warm vanilla

Coffee Vanilla- Coffee granules help with exfoliation and smell incredible with a touch of warming and calming vanilla

Lavender- Relaxing Lavender essential oil

Additional information

Weight 380 g

Lime Sherbet, Rose, Vanilla, Coffee Vanilla, Lavender


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