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New recipe, pure plant butter and oil

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NEW RECIPE- A true body butter made from just plant butters and oil. No other additives.I have used cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter with jojoba oil and Tasmanian hemp oil. This is a whipped mousse that melts onto your skin, being only oil and butters it first feels oily but soaks in and is very moisturising for dry skin, great on legs hands and feet. I made this several years ago and called it Body Frosting, finally its back.

Body Butter does not last in the heat as it melts and will need to be re whipped, I only make this product in cooler months. If you live in warmer areas you can store body butter in the fridge

Vanilla – A rich warm vanilla scent with  hint of patchouli essential oil and benzoin essential oil

Limited number available as its a seasonal product


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